Accelerate your business growth today with a profile that sells. 

In business, you only have one chance to make a first impression and you've got to do it right. Think of a sniper with just one bullet to make a kill. If you were the sniper, the company profile would be the bullet with which to win the customer's confidence and seal the deal. We are the experts in company profile writing and design in Kenya,  serving the global market.


Company Profile Designs that Drive Sales

Marketing is a game of persuasion and psychology. You persuade the target client that you are the best in the market, and, just at the right moment, you ask the client to sign the dotted line on the order form to seal the deal. In short, you need a company profile that helps with the conversions, and that's what we offer you.

There are cheaper profile writers in the market who make documents that look good. But you will immediately notice the difference between a document that simply looks good, and our elegant company profiles that are optimized to drive sales.

We write both simple and complex company profiles that you can use to achieve unlimited purposes. This includes:

  • Application for tenders and other forms of pre-qualification for the delivery of goods and services.
  • To attract investors into the business.
  • To promote products and services to customers.
  • To showcase organisational achievements and communicate future prospects. 
  • For use on organisational websites.

Our company profiles help businesses - both large and small - to communicate their missions to internal and external customers, shine the spotlight on successes and inspire growth.

SME Company Profile - Ksh. 3,500 ($35)

This is a highly dynamic profile that is ideal for businesses that target the SME market. The emphasis here is on clarity of communication and presentation of your unique value proposition in a simple MS Word document.

This company profile gives a precise description of your business, your mission, vision and core values. The profile also describes your various products and services, their target customers, and reasons why customers should buy from you. 

Being in MS Word, the document doesn't come with images (MS Word is quite poor at handling images). However, the document is professionally formatted to make it look elegant and very presentable. Being editable, the document can be customized to meet the requirements of different customers - which is important for growing businesses.

The average document size for most SME company profiles is 4 pages (A4 size) including the cover. >>Click here to download a sample<<. Profiles longer than 5 pages are billed on a case-by-case basis.

Click above image to download sample.

Click above image to download sample.

Corporate Company Profile - Ksh. 7,000 ($70).

This is a high-end company profile that is recommended for large and small companies that target the corporates, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), NGOs, County Governments, etc. This is a favourite choice for general suppliers, medical suppliers, IT companies, Fintech, law firms, consultancies, building contractors etc.

The profile, which is delivered in high quality PDF version, offers a world-class brand projection that increases the level of customers' confidence in your ability to deliver on big projects.

The corporate version of the company profile illustrates your products and services using an irresistible language and high-resolution images.

The profile is stylishly designed, with professional use of the psychology of space in order to appeal to the taste of the high-end market.

The average document length is usually 8 - 12 pages (A4 size) including the covers. Profiles longer than this are billed on a case-by-case basis. >>Click here to download a sample<< This is a real client job and you would do great to promote his tours and travel services.

Close More Deals

We offer the following value-added services that help businesses to introduce products/services to customers, beat the competition and close more deals

Sales Letters - Ksh. 2,500 ($25)

Did you know that about 80% of sales letters end up in the recipients' spam boxes? That's wasted effort on the side of the sender, lost sales, and days of anxiety waiting for replies that never come.

We develop highly effective sales letters/proposals that get delivered to the target customers' priority inbox and get results. The letters explain the value of your products/services to your target customers and guide the customers into taking specific actions such as visiting your website or calling you to place an order. You can edit the sales letters and email them to hundreds of customers.

Website Design Ksh. 20k ($200)

We develop professional database-driven dynamic websites targeting the Kenyan and International markets. This is a favourite service for new and established companies, NGOs, CBOs and online sales agencies seeking to pursue the online business strategy.

The charges for most websites for startups begin at Ksh 20,000. This price covers domain registration and hosting for one year, unlimited email addresses, writing of the website's content and graphics work. Charges for advanced websites depend on  project requirements.

Website Optimization Ksh. 10K ($100)

How high does your website rank on Google, and how efficient is the website in bringing sales? We analyze your online strategy and identify the best way to improve your website’s ranking on Google, and re-develop the content to make it Search Engine friendly. We also optimize the content to maximize your brand exposure, build credibility, and convert online visitors into buyers.

This is the same technique we use to make our websites, including this one, at the top of the Google ranking. Charges for this service depend on the specific nature of work that needs to be done.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why customers seek our services, but let's just pick four quick ones...

  • We are professional Business Development Managers, Branding Experts and Communication Consultants with over 20 years of experience. We know how to make a business case and close the deal, and this is what we want to help you achieve with a well written company profile presented in an elegant desig.
  • Having served as Senior Executives in different companies, we understand the dynamics of procurement and how purchasing decisions are made. We, therefore, optimize your company profile, sales letter and website for success by answering the most important questions that your customers have about your business.
  • We understand the importance of establishing credibility and trust in order to win customer confidence. Considering that war is 70% perception and 30% actual fire power, we write and design each sales letter, company profile and website in a way that achieves the highest brand positioning in the customer's mind. This puts you in a position to negotiate for the best business terms and walk away with higher profits than competitors.
  • We are super affordable, and fast. We deliver 95% of all orders within 24 - 48 hours. We allow up to 7 days for clients to review and suggest amendments to their profiles at no extra cost.

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